Tamiya space shuttle model kit

Space Shuttle Orbiter Unassembled plastic model kit. This model kit requires assembly. Cement, paint and other construction materials not included unless specifically stated in the description. The new kit package features an awe-inspiring image of space. Kit also includes new slide decals to depict current space shuttle markings. Shuttle between the Earth and Space It took billions of dollars to launch various artificial sattelites and spaceships.

But all of these things were discarded after one-time use. This was too uneconomical and made it rather difficult to utilize space for human beings. The space shuttle is a new means of transportation devised to solve the problem and promote space development more economically.

tamiya space shuttle model kit

The shuttle means a bus, truck, train, etc. The space shuttle, as the name implies, is a linear between the Earth and space and is often called "space ferry" The orbiter plays the most important role, while the external fuel tank and rocket boosters are means for sending the orbiter into space. When the space shuttle is launched, the external fuel tank carries one rocket booster on each side and the orbiter on its back.

The orbiter detaches the external fuel tank and rocket boosters on the way and performs various duties in space. It comes back to the Earth and undergoes maintenance and repair. Then, it is launched again with an external fuel tank and rocket boosters. At the time of launching, the whole space shuttle is about 56 meters long and weighs about 2, tons. It takes off with a thrust nearly 3, tons by fully operating the two rocket boosters and the three main engines of the orbiter.

Particulars of Orbiter The Orbiter, which is the most important constituent of the space shuttle, is a spaceship shaped like a stocky passenger plane with a delta wing. The overall length is 37 meters and the span is After reentry into the atmosphere, the orbiter can glide down and make a landing unlike conventional spaceships. After maintenance and repair, it can be launched again. Most of the surface of the orbiter is covered with tiles made of silica of very high purity.

These tiles are classified into two groups.

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One for high temperature and the other for low temperature, and these are used accordingly. Parts which become extremely hot such as the nose and the front edge of the wing are covered with heat resistant material of reinforced carbon.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

These heat resistant materials protect the orbiter from heat of friction which exceeds 1, degrees celcius in some parts at the time of launching or reentry into the atmosphere. Thus, they make it possible to use the orbiter no less than 50 or times. The fuselage of the orbiter is partitioned into the cockpit and crew compartment in front, payload compartment at the center for carrying cargo, and engine room at the rear.

The crew are four to seven. In addition to two pilots and one mission controller who controls the flight plan, the orbiter can carry four scientists and payload controllers who load and unload cargo for operation and experiments in space. This is a characteristic feature of the orbiter not ever seen in conventional spaceships.

Furthermore, the scientists need only a few weeks training before getting in the orbiter. No space suit is needed inside it and they can act in ordinary clothes. The payload compartment is of a cylindrical shape 4. Its top consists of large doors which open right and left from the center. Various things are put in this compartment.

Thus human beings took the first step to the advance into space.TaxCode Mapping. This item is backordered from our supplier. We will ship as soon as it is received.

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Your credit card will not be charged until shipped. Please Note: For shipments to locations outside the USA, backordered items must be placed on separate orders. NASA's space shuttle was first launched on April 12, For more information, go to: www.

Be the first to Write a Review. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price. Item 2. UPC Code. Pick Up. Would you like to be notified when this item is back in stock? Details Back. NASA's space shuttle was first launched on April 12, and the fleet has accomplished numerous historic missions throughout their 30 years of service.

The spacecraft conducted the latest research and played an important role in building the largest structure in space thus far, the International Space Station. The final space shuttle mission ended on July 21, with the flight of the Atlantis and the shuttle fleet is now destined for public display in museums across the United States. Model features: Parts and markings to depict all 5 NASA shuttles from the first to the last Various payloads for the payload bay Two 2 astronaut figures and a display stand included.

See More See Less.As a transportation agency connecting the Earth and the universe, the space shuttle which the American NASA Aerospace Authority started development in Learn more. Ina total of launches were carried out from the successful launch of Unit 1 Colombia for the first launch to the retirement inincluding various experiments in the installed space lab space laboratorymultipurpose replenishment He contributed to space development by performing various missions such as construction of the International Space Station ISS using modules, emission of space telescope and satellites, etc.

Unfortunately Columbia and the Challenger were lost in the accident, but Atlantis sent the Venus probe Magellan in May,in October the same year sent out the Jupiter probe Galileo, in I made an assembly and replenishment mission of the International Space Station.

And, we finished the last mission successfully, and it took off for space space development era of space shuttle for more than 30 years. Thank you! You will receive an email when this item is back in stock! Manual Download. Space Shuttle Atlantis Description. Description As a transportation agency connecting the Earth and the universe, the space shuttle which the American NASA Aerospace Authority started development in Thank you for signing up! Your email has been successfully added to the list.I'm new to the board and I have decided to share my new shuttle build project here since I was inspired by the works of crowe-tjetplaneniart17 and Jay Chladek.

It's probably been 8 years since I last built a model kit of any kind an Testors SR that I goofed up on and ruined the entire model. So, don't be surprised if I ask a lot of questions or make a few mistakes along the way with this kit.

I plan to build the Discovery orbiter in landing configuration, circa before drag chute and NASA meatball logos were added.

I also liked this kit because it seemed to be the most accurate of the three brands. I'm just getting back into this hobby, so I'm trying to avoid as much scratchbuilding, drilling and sanding as possible. I am a professional graphic designer by trade, so I'll be modifying or creating a lot of the decals for this kit myself.

I'm hoping I can get this Tamiya kit to turn out as awesome as the Revell and Monogram kits I've seen built by the beforementioned members of this board. I'm showing the cement tube in the pictures so you can get an idea of the scale. The model should be 14 inches long when it's done. I like how the forward RCS thrusters are in their own separate piece, and do not require drilling :. Check out the detail on the wings! The tiles and TPS are etched on.

Now if only the rest of the tiles were included in the tooling.

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The speed brake and beaver tail can be easily positioned as desired. A nice touch!

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However, the wing elevons will require the usual cutting and repositioning. The engine bells are incorrect. I have not been able to find an aftermarket kit from RealSpace or anyone that corrects this. So, I plan on using some metal wire to make more realistic fuel lines, as well as scribing in some of the details by hand. Tamiya incorrectly scribed in a panel around the star tracker on the nose. This will have to be filled in with putty after I drill out the holes. The sprue with the windows and display stand are tinted BLUE!

I don't know how to correct this without attempting to fabricate my own window pieces. The display stand isn't very appealing and will require either heavy modification or some kind of scratch build if anyone knows a company that makes model display stands, let me know! How can I correct this without having to sand it down? Look at these circles inside the engine bells.

Did they think no one would notice? Some moderate sanding removes these. After gluing the engine bell halves together, I decided to etch in the insulation around the opening ring.

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Don't worry, I didn't glue that thing on!The Space Shuttle Orbiter is 37m long and has a 24m wingspan, at launch Learn more. The Space Shuttle Orbiter is 37m long and has a 24m wingspan, at launch uses 2 detachable Rocket Boosters with external fuel tanksand when it has finished its mission in space, it re-enters the atmosphere where it glides like an airplane and lands.

The size of crew may vary, but on most occasions a total of seven people including pilot, commander, and several mission specialists can be accommodated for a 4 week mission. In the payload area, satellites and experimental devices can be loaded for each mission. April 12was the first successful launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. This continued with other scheduled space shuttles flights such as Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis in the 's including Endeavor inbut due to tragic events both space shuttles Challenger and Columbia were lost.

Each space shuttle carries a space laboratory being able to carry out various experiments, also having the responsibility of transporting equipment, materials, and crew to the International Space Station. The space shuttle orbiter model has been made in cooperation with Rockwell International. Also, the main engines nozzle can change directions. Thank you! You will receive an email when this item is back in stock!

Manual Download. Space Shuttle Orbiter Kit Description. Also, the main engines nozzle can change directions Special Feature 8 Comes with a display stand allowing you to choose from a landing or flying state Special Feature 9 Comes with 2 astronaut figurines which adds to the atmosphere of the diorama.

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Decals and painting guide for 6 orbiters during 3 phases of the shuttle program: early - Enterprise, Columbia; mid-program - Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour; and late - Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour - includes instrument panel markings, windshield frames and authentic NASA insignia.

UHS RC Space Shuttle Model

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tamiya space shuttle model kit

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These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Sold by Alpine Peaks and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Ships from and sold by Horizon Hobby.While the Tamiya product line is typically very well molded and detailed, there are some problems withe the kit, that probably stem from using early or developmental drawings of the Orbiter. Or, the problems could have come from using Orbiter OV, the "Enterprise" as the reference, as this model was first produced fairly early in the Shuttle Program - decals for only Enterprise and Columbia are furnished.

So, I decided to try and build a "Columbia" model, using all of the components provided by Tamiya, but to a higher level of accuracy.

Tamiya Space Shuttle Atlantis Plastic Model Kit, 1/100 Scale

The Spacelab hardware is included in the Tamiya kit, but we 're making some "modifications" along the way to improve the look of the finished product. We will not start at the beginning, as assembling the fuselage and wings are fairly straight-forward. We chose to show the Orbiter in "in-flight" mode, so the landing gear doors are closed.

While the glues was setting up on the main fuselage assembly, we worked on the Cockpit. The Flight Deck. We used the panel decals supplied by Tamiya, but changed their color specifications.

The faces of the panels were done in Aircraft Gray, along with the Flight Deck floor, and the outlying areas were done in Gunship Gray, to sublimate them visually.

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Tamiya wanted to have the astronaut figures done with white suits, which looked like EVA suits, which were never worn on the Flight Deck. The crew's faces were done with Testor's - Cream nobody calls it "Flesh" anymore It's a pity no one will ever see this detail once the model is done, So I decided to take photos of it now, while I could.

The Main Engines. The mains are very hard to work with once they are assembled onto the Orbiter, as Tamiya uses a screw and curved baker-plate to hold each engine onto the rear bulkhead, which allows the engine to "gimbal" or swivel as it does in real life, so, I decided to work on the engines separately. As the rear bulkhead will require tile detailing and engine gimbal shroud details applied, and those are better done without the engine on as well. Tamiya's SSME's must have come from very early engine drawings, as the purge lines running along the sides of two of the engine bells have "loops" in them, right at the aft portion of the engine.

Nowhere do any of the test or flight SSMEs have this feature. The easiest thing to do was to remove the loop and take the purge line all the way down to the bottom ring of the nozzle with thin plastic rod. The portions of the engine's outer skins between the cooling lines were done in Testor's Model Master Engine Gray and the cooling lines and purge lines were done in a "pseudo-Titanium" blend I did using Aluminum with hints of Gold mixed in.

The entire interior of the engines were done in Steel, which is just slightly darker than the mix color and also shows brush strokes better. All brush strokes were kept in the linear mode, simulating ablation from the hot exhaust. The real SSMEs. This also accounts for the "braided" effect of the SSME's exhaust plume. Tamiya has an interior feature for each engine which is used to capture the retaining screw to assembly and is supposed to look like an injector plate from the outside.

It's a bit too bib and too low to be where the real injector lies again, based on photos of the SSME at KSCso I used a photo taken of the engine's interior, cropped the picture down to just below the injector area, and printed that out onto Avery label stock. These were trimmed by hand and placed onto the engine fixture plate surfaces. Not perfect, but much better looking and realistic than before. Payload Bay Interior.

tamiya space shuttle model kit

This is where my experience with David Maier's Edu-Craft "photo-realistic" ideology has come through again to provide some inspiration. So once again, a little improvisation was in order. After searching through a number of NASA photos of cargo bay operations, I was able to find one that showed an almost perfect "straight-on" look into the Payload Bay's floor, or at least a section of it.

The floor is not a solid surface, but a set of fire-resistant blankets or "nets" which are fastened across the structural stringers of the cargo bay. They cover all of the wiring, plumbing and structural elements and keep things from going in there during flight, without adding undue weight.

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The section of the photo was lifted and corrected for curvature and then printed onto label stock. The interior of the Tamiya cargo bay had been previously covered in aluminum duct-workers tape, to provide a foundation upon which the finish could be applied. The surface was first painted flat white, but that was far too plain, even with the slight wrinkled texture of the aluminum tape.

That when the idea for applying the photo-printed floor came to mind.

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